• December 2017 – Spero & Co. represents a family office in a US$ 1,000,000 investment in a US real estate project     • December 2017 – Spero & Co. represent a group of HNWI (via their multi-family office) in a US$ 2,500,000 investment in an Israeli based real estate fund    • December 2017 - Spero & Co. represents family office in a US$ 1,000,000 Convertible Loan investment in an agri-tech start-up    • December 2017 – Spero & Co. represents JumpSpeed Ventures (VC Fund) in a US$ 300,000 Convertible Loan investment in an Israeli based tech start-up    • November 2017 – Spero & Co. represents the shareholders of LGM Pharma in the sale of the majority interest of LGM Pharma to Chicago-based private equity firm New Harbor Capital    • November 2017 – Spero & Co. represents operator in purchase of a RE/MAX franchise    • October 2017 – Spero & Co. represents HNWI in US$ 500,000 investment in a content marketing solution tech company    • October 2017 – Spero & Co. represents seller in the sale of an asset management business    • September 2017 – Spero & Co. represents F.L.C Ventures (FoodTech Fund) as part of a US$ 8,000,000 investment in Doux Matok Ltd.    • September 2017 – Spero & Co. represents various HNWI in multiple investments in European real estate


Spero & Co. is a business law firm providing premium services with unmatched personal attention and an acute ability to get things done.



You are serious about your goals and need a legal team that will give you expert advice, exceptional service and be an accessible and integral part of your team. You expect the best and seek a long-term professional relationship with someone you can trust to have your best interests at heart. You need a team that cares about your money and time, and whose values and goals are your own. You need someone who gets you.



Our expertise is gained from years with Israel’s leading corporate and commercial law firms. Our proactive work ethic and attention to detail is driven by keen business orientation and dedication to your needs and goals. Our ability to get things done is due to excellent communication, follow through, and our passion to make things happen for you in the quickest, best way possible. Our job is to make you happy. 

High Net Worth Individuals

Acutely aware of your needs. We develop a deep familiarity with your activities, assets, culture and needs, and combine our expertise with your goals. We are quick, available, communicative and discrete. We understand that you have a lot on your mind and we can be of assistance.

Investment and M&A Activity

Your every investment and M&A activity. We guide you through the complexities of the transaction at every stage, offering technical expertise as well as our knowledge of ‘what’s market’.  Through every investment and after every ‘exit’, we are there protecting your interests.

Corporate and Commercial

All your business needs. As your ‘off-site, in-house counsel’ we become an integral part of your business team.  We take care of all of your legal needs and general corporate and commercial matters so that you can focus on what matters — growing your business.

Start Ups

From the first step. From inception, to day to day business, through investments rounds and eventually your ‘exit’, we’re with you. We help you make the best decisions for the long-term success of your business because your start-up’s smart growth and success is our priority.

Real Estate

Real estate can get tricky. Whether you wish to purchase your dream home or initiate a major project, real estate transactions can be fraught with risk. We are here to protect your interests. From the planning stage, through the negotiations, until the closing, you can count on us.